Luminary Optics

Low Surface Reflectance
AR film

Base Material:                      PET

Single Side Reflectance:    <.7%

Hard Coating                        Yes

Anti-Smudge                        No

Transmission                       94%

Surface Type:                     Specular  or 110 Gloss       

Hardness                           3H


Anti-reflecting (AR) Film

Reflection reducing film

Reflective loss is what washes out the image on a display.  With a standard air-to-glass interface (front surface of glass exposed to air) will reflect 4.5% of the incident light off the surface.  If this amount of reflected light is more than on third of the light output of the display, the display will likely exhibit unacceptably low contrast; making the display hard to read.  If the piece of cover glass has an air-gap over the display, there are actually three surfaces reflecting 4.5% each, for a total of 13.5% reflection of the incident light.  This will all but washout the display.

With Luminary's AR film, most surfaces can receive our anti-reflecting treatment.  It can be applied to the front of the LCD, on the back of a touch screen or other untreatable surfaces. Our anti-reflective coated film reflects less than .7%.  Additionally, the film has a hardness of 3H for durability. Our AR films are composed of a substrate (PET), a scratch resistant hard coating, the multi-layer AR coating and an anti-smudge layer.