Wide choice of enhancement features

    Finger-print proof AR cover glass

    EMI Filters


    Break resistant glass

    Screen Printing

    Wide choice of diagonal sizes

    Low to no minimum orders

    Low to no NRE

Custom PCAP touch screens

PCAP touch screens with custom features and configurations

Luminary Optics supplies high performance multi-touch Projected Capacitive (PCAP) or Resistive Touch touch screens with the ability to add custom features. Using our knowledge of optics and our lamination expertise, we can supply PCAP touch screens with a variety of enhancements. Starting with a unique "film-film" PCAP construction, the base touch sensor is ultra-thin. After adding a 1.1mm cover glass and 1.1mm ITO filter and bus bar, the entire touch element is still less than 3mm thick.

Available Standard Sizes:

3.5"               4.3"

5.7"               6.5"

8.4"               10.4"

12.1"             15"

10.1" W         12.1" W

15.6" W         18.5" W

21.5" W          24"W

Luminary Optics

Example: AR cover glass and touch sensor and 12 ohm ITO EMI filter, less than 3mm thick

2.6 mm

DuraCoat Cover Glass-

DuraCoat cover glass can be directly laminated to the front of our PCAP touch or your supplied touch sensor. DuraCoat glass is a unique print-free and smudge-free coating applied to the front surface. When the PCAP touch is touched by the operator, there is little to no finger print residue left on the surface of the glass.  Should finger prints appear, the glass is easily cleaned since the oils of the print will not stick to the glass. Additionally, any cleaner can be used to clean the touch screen. DuraCoat coating is rated at 8H hardness so the touch screen can take physical abuse without scratching off the AR coating. For extreme military or marine environments, DuraCoat cover glass to the PCAP can tolerate over 90 days in a full Mil rated Salt Fog test. 

Screen Printing-

Whether using our DuraCoat cover glass or standard AR glass, Luminary Optics can supply low cost screen printed cover glass to PCAP touch screens. It is now possible to supply a PCAP touch with your company's logo or trademark without committing to high volume. With Luminary Optics bonding material, we can laminate beneath the screened image without the masking interfering with the curing of the bonding material.

EMI Filters-

Utilizing our lamination expertise, Luminary can apply either ITO glass EMI filters or ITO heaters to the rear of the PCAP touch screens. The EMI filter is 12 ohms/sq. ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) on a 1.1mm substrate. The bus bar is silver foil tape wrapped in a "U" channel around the edge of the touch, exposing the tape to the front side of the touch screen's cover glass. 

Heater Glass-

Our heater is made from 12 ohm/sq ITO glass with heater wires attached to the top and bottom edge of the glass. The heater wires are attached with silver epoxy offering a bond stronger than soldering alone.