Luminary Optics

EMI filters

Luminary Optics provides either ITO EMI filters or micro
mesh glass filters for sunlight readable LCD applications. 

ITO Glass Filters

Our standard ITO glass is 12-ohms/sq. (+/- 10%) vacuum-deposited coating which was selected to provide a good balance between shielding and optical performance. Coatings greater than 20 ohms/sq lack shielding effectiveness and lower ohm/sq. coatings have greatly reduced light transmission and increased light reflection. Luminary can provide this ITO EMI filter laminated to the rear of standard AR glass, DuraCoat AR glass or to the rear side of touch screens (all technologies). 

To terminate the EMI filter, Luminary offers two styles of bus bar. For economical applications, we provide silver foil tape for no addition charge.  For unique applications, Luminary can supply a silver epoxy bus bar, but this would be at an additional charge.  

Mesh EMI Filters

Luminary provides a unique EMI mesh shielding technology using printed mesh, which allows us to offer EMI mesh shields with very low resistance while providing very low reflection (nearly zero). With a standard resistance of less than 2 ohms/sq., our mesh filters offer maximum shielding while supplying maximum optical performance. Our mesh comes with an 8 micron printed metal line width, spaced at 300 micron pitch. This allows for a 95% aperture opening for maximum transmissivity and light transmission.  As with our glass ITO EMI filters, our mesh filters can be terminated by either conductive tape or silver epoxy paint bus bar.