luminary optics

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Luminary Optics vast array of display enhancements, including optical bonding, custom PCAP touch screens, circular polarizers and film laminations can improve the visual performance of any LCD.  Our 10+ years of experience insures that we can make any display perform in any high bright or harsh environment application.  After all, a display that can't be read has no real use or value.

ar film lamination

AR film lamination can be used to apply an AR coating to the front of any LCD display.  AR film is available in shiny and 110 diffused gloss.

emi filters

EMI filters can be created with either ITO glass laminated to AR glass or touch screens or with EMI mesh for complete EMI shielding.

Custom Optics

Having issues with your displays?  Can't read them with polaroid glasses?  Want to add privacy films?  Need to correct unusual visual anomalies?   Luminary Optics solve most display issues.

VAC film corrects the color shift of TN displays viewed at off angles.  Fixes issues on portrait-mode displays.

Luminary P-CAP touch offers custom cover glass with Dura-Coat AR glass and screen printing. EMI filters can be laminated to rear

Dura-Coat glass is an 8H hardness, print-free and smudge-free AR glass which can withstand salt fog and harsh abrasion. 

Optical bonding for superior contrast enhancement, rugged displays and increased performance in harsh environmental applications

dura-coat AR glass

Viewing angle correcting film

Custom P-CAP touch screens

Optical Bonding

Circular Polarizers

Circular Polarizer (CP) filters are an excellent way to cut surface reflections when optical bonding is not acceptable for the application.

Luminary Optics