ISO 9001:2015 - Certified in Sales, Design and Production of Optical Bonding and Display Enhancements

Luminary Optics

Luminary optics

offers the widest range of optical enhancement services including:

optical bonding, HEA 2000 AR  film lamination, circular polarizers, custom PCAP touch, windows with AR coating, optically bonded EMI filters, EMI filters laminated to touch screens, smudge-free, print-free oleophobic/hydrophobic coatings, high bright LED lighting and display assembly services.

As a supplier of optical bonding and display enhancements, Luminary offers a wide range of products and services that increase the performance of displays, making them perform in the most demanding applications.  Our unique approach to the industry is what sets us apart from the others.  Luminary Optics follows the philosophy of "Spec Standards".  Simply put, Luminary engineers unique solutions for our customers by creating designs built to their "specs" but by utilizing "standard" optical components and materials. 

Luminary Optics array of display enhancements can be applied on most sizes of displays, from 3" to 80+".  The work is performed in our new 5500 sq. ft facility, that has a 1000 sq ft. cleanroom and a display bonding area with a capacity of 2000+ displays per month.